Doctor ( GP) Information

When should you refer to Dr Meera

-Allergic Rhinoconjunctivitis ( Hay Fever)
-Chronic Urticaria ( Hives)
-Drug Allergy
-Eosinophilic Esophagitis
-Food Allergy
-Insect sting Allergy

When You’re Best off NOT referring your patient to Dr Meera

-Patients with autoimmune conditions or HIV are best referred to doctors with significant experience in treating these conditions.


Suite 204, Specialist Centre
Joondalup Health Campus
Shenton Avenue
Western Australia
Tel: 08 9400 9911
Fax: 08 9400 9909

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Mon: 9am - 5pm
Wed: 9am -5pm

My Specialist Rooms

U3/ 24 Parry Ave
Bateman 6150
Western Australia
Tel : 6319 2809
Fax : 6319 2810

Opening Hours

Friday 9am -5pm

Tues and Thurs strictly phone call 9am – 1pm

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