• Asthma is a common condition with up to 5% of adults and 20% of children being affected.
  • Chronic inflammatory disorder of the airways with airway hyper responsiveness.
  • If not controlled it leads to recurrent wheezing, breathlessness, chest tightness and coughing ( esp at night and early morning).
  • Eighty percent of asthmatics have associated allergic rhinitis which is often overlooked and is contributory to asthma exacerbations.


  • We can help identify specific triggers and give advice in regards to avoidance.
  • We can help control symptoms allowing normal levels of activity, undisturbed sleep and full school attendance.
  • We can help educate in regards to prevention of future exacerbations
  • We aim to maintain normal lung function and monitor objectively through the use of spirometry and exhaled NO.
  • We aim to minimize the amount of medication and encourage our patients to lead a normal and unrestricted life.
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